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Kontest 0.0.2-alpha (Qt4 backport) windows installer

I think I have it.

I have fixed the bug in the windows installer package of Kontest.

The package showed an error “Driver not loaded” just when the database was created so, thanks to Google I found the fix in the great stackoverflow.

So, in a few words, just add a sqldrivers folder and copy the qsqlite4.dll file in it before creating the package and you will have it!

I have done some (just a few, to be honest!) tests in a clean windows virtual host and it worked like a charm so I hope it is OK for most of the systems out there.

You can find the file in the same place as the previous days.

As always, thank you for testing and sending the bug reports!


Kontest 0.0.2-alpha (Qt4 backport)

This is a quick post to tell you that I have just released a quick backport of Kontest to Qt4 (4.8.5) as some of you have told me that Qt5 is not OK for your system.

You can download from here:

For the binary packages (windows & OSX) you will have to wait a bit more or help me with them.  It’s been the first time I release software for Windows or OSX and I think I still need to learn some things 🙂

Thanks for testing!

KLog 0.6.2 released

Yet another bug fix release has been published.

The new KLog 0.6.2 has four bug fixes and some minor GUI updates.

Download KLog 0.6.2 from:

The Debian package has been already uploaded to the Debian servers.

November-2013 – 0.6.2

  • Bug fixed: Under some conditions, KLog crashes when entering a new QRZ. (TNX LW1EQI).
  • Bug fixed: IOTA data was not properly cleared when clicking the Cancel button.
  • Bug fixed: QSL combobox content was not properly managed. (TNX DF4FH).
  • Bug (gui) fixed: IOTA continent is now “automagically” detected… again (a bug prevented this functionality).
  • GUI updated: You can click on RX or TX Frequency buttons to copy the frequency to the other one.
  • GUI updated: You can select eQSL in the QSL combobox as an option to mark the QSL information of a QSO.
  • GUI updated: Two new shortcuts: CTRL+W: deletes the current QSO. CTRL+Q: to (quick)edit the last QSO added.
  • GUI updated: Minor tab reorder.

I hope you enjoy KLog!



KLog 0.6.1 – released: Another bugfix release

As I told you some months ago, I keep rewriting a new software… but my free time is close to zero 🙁 sometimes code some lines but my time in radio is mostly spent in the radio 🙂

However… yesterday I was DXing in 50Mhz and I noticed that the bearing was not correct and the coding-virus made me fix the bug ASAP.

So … here is the data of this new release:

Download KLog 0.6.1 from:

The Debian package has been already uploaded to the Debian servers.

This releases has the following Changelog:

June – 2013 – 0.6.1

  • Bug fixed: Locator was not properly calculated due to a sign difference management from KLog and CTY.DAT.
  • GUI updated: The cursor position management of the QRZ box has been improved to ease the operation.

As always, KLog is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Serbian, Galician and Swedish.

Thanks for your help and I hope you find KLog useful.

KLog 0.5.9 released

Christmas holidays is always a great time for some coding 🙂 so I found some time to fix two bugs (this one and that one) that were reported just after the announce of KLog-0.5.8 … and as Eric S. Raymond says in The Cathedral and The Bazaar, I release early, release often Leer más »

KLog 0.5.8 released

I am  happy to announce that the release of 0.5.8 version of KLog is available.

Download KLog 0.5.8 from:

or from the new site of KLog in Savannah :

The Debian package will be uploaded to the Debian servers during the following days. Leer más »

KLog 0.5.7 released

It’s time for another KLog release.

KLog 0.5.7 is not a very big release… but it comes with some additions that may be nice for some of you. As I was announcing in my previous post about KLog.

I have added a very basic function capable to export all the needed QSO that has not been QSLed to a file… that can be imported to a label software to create the labels for the QSLs. I will continue working in the label generation feature of KLog for next releases.

The Changelog for this release reads as follows:

November-2010 0.5.7
– New feature: Added the Export needed QSL that allows to create an ADIF file with all the QSO with new ones and new bands still not confirmed that has not been QSLed.
The objective is to export it to a QSL or label printing software (until KLog implements that feature).
– Updated translations: SV by SM4ABE.
– GUI improved: Added sliders to be able to move panels.
– GUI improved: Changing the band combobox changes the TX Freq box and viceversa.
– Minor fix: The PROGRAMVERSION tag in log was not properly formated.

You can download KLog 0.5.7 from the mainsite.
You can also have more information in the main page of KLog or following the KLog’s tag in this blog.

KLog is free and open software and you can join the KLog’s team if you wish to help the development.
Please, send me all the bug reports and suggestions you have to improve KLog!

I hope you will like KLog.

KLog updates

It’s been a long time since I published new information about KLog in this blog but KLog’s development has not been quiet.

Since the bug warning of KLog 0.5.3 I have released once each two months.

KLog 0.5.4 came during March as you can see in the announce of KLog 0.5.4.

It was mainly a bug-fixing release as you can see the the changelog:

March-2010 0.5.4
- Small fix to initialize a variable before using it.(realTimeLog in klog.cpp)
- Fixed a bug that caused KLog to crash of no cty.dat file was found (bug #016917)(TNX KA6MAL)

During April I released KLog 0.5.5 with a two interesting features (yes, the changelog shows three but for the user it would seem as just two):

April-2010 0.5.5
- New feature: If cty.dat file is not found, KLog offers to download from the web.
- New feature: New tool to update the update the cty.dat file from the web.
- New feature: QRZ font color changes to red if has been worked previously. (Proposed by KE7TDY)

I think it will improve the easy of use of KLog. Next phase would be to check if there is a new version of the cty.dat file and propose to download it.

And we get to July, when I released KLog 0.5.6, a minor release in terms of usability, not important KLog’s sources bugs solved, but definitely an important release as it has improved the way it manages how the compilation process manages the hamlib sources, and has ended with KLog in Fedora 🙂

From the Changelog:
July-2010 0.5.6
- Fixed the hamlib compilation scripts (CMakeLists.txt, FindHamlib.cmake). (TNX AB4BD).
- Fixed one bug that causes some architectures not to compile.
- Fixed some permisions and other warnings for Fedora packaging. (TNX N3LRX).

Now I am working in KLog 0.5.7 and I hope it will be ready for release soon. I am working in a new tool of KLog that will export the QSOs that are still needed and we still have not sent the QSL card so that log can be imported in a label printing software to print the labels and send ALL the QSL cards easily.
I will export an ADIF file and maybe a CSV file to be imported into GLabels.

The proper way to go would be to create a label printing feature but it is a longer process and I wanted to speed up my own QSL card process 🙂

While new release is ready: download KLog

Bug workaround: KLog 0.5.3 crashes if not cty.dat file is found

KA6MAL has warned me about a bug that causes KLog to crash if no cty.dat file is found.

I have filled a bugreport in the bug report system of KLog but, until I release KLog 0.5.4, another bug fix release, I wanted to publish a workaround solution for this bug.

I hope I have time to find the bug and code a fix.

Just download the cty.dat file in your ~/.klog folder/directory and everything will work.

This is an important bug because, as KA6MAL told me affects specially to casual KLog users… that may not know about KLog and the cty.dat file.

Experienced KLog users may not notice anything as the usual thing is that they have an updated cty.dat file. Users having the cty.dat file will not be affected.

For those of you that do know what is ct.dat file… This file provides the country information for KLog.

Rewritting KLog for KDE4

I have been trying to port KLog from Qt3 to Qt4 without success for several months. Obviously I have not time to code everyday nor even every week or month, however I have spent lot of time searching for docs, playing with some tools and doing several tests.

Qt and KDE tools and tutorials are not good or clear enough for a non expert coder as I am. I don’t think that KLog is a complex application so, migrating a simple app, should be an easy task but it isn’t. 🙁

I am doing it just for fun and sometimes there is not fun at all. Having to rework all your software because a library update is not fun.

As KLog is a logbook for hamradio operators it is focused in lists of data: QSO, QSL, DXCC and other awards status.
I think I will have to rewrite lots of code: QListview, QListviewItems, QSocket and all the Q3Support related.

I am trying to port KLog although many times I think that a full rewritting would be the best solution.
I don’t want to orphan KLog! 🙂

I hope Qt4 provides lots of benefits because until now they are just giving work!

I will really thank any help with the KDE4/Qt4 port so, if you have some experience with the topic, the users of KLog and myself will appreciate your help or suggestions.

At least free software developing is not such a hard job, specially during summer. 😉