SSTV from the ISS

Last friday I read a new post in the ARRL web site explaining that the ISS had scheduled some SSTV transmissions during the weekend.

Not having practice SSTV for several years and not even having my satellite antennas installed may have been a problem although it is known that it is quite easy to receive the ISS when is flying above us…

So no time for plans, I would use my installed equipment for this:Gpredict screenshot

(The GPredict screenshot is not from last weekend but comming from a previous post)

With this setup was not difficult to plan the reception of the images for the following passes of the ISS over Madrid. You just need to tune your receiver in 145.900MHz FM.

This is what I got:

201502011953 201501312049 201501312043

The lines you can see in the images are usually interferences, mainly in the third one, caused by voices of a woman, speaking, probably in Russian…

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