KLog 0.6.0 released… 10 years of KLog and some news…

KLog is now 10 years old!! Wow time goes really fast! 🙂

Last release of KLog was one year ago… and this release is not adding many things… Bug fix as last one.
However… does it mean that KLog is dead?
Not it is not. 🙂

During this time I have been rewriting ALL KLog and now, the new software can be compiled for Windows and (probably) OSX (although I have still not tested OSX).
Of course… the new code will be released for Linux, as today !!
The idea behind this is making available the free software I am doing for more hams.

My plan is to release the new software as soon as I can offer just the same functionalities of the current KLog and then, deprecate the old code of KLog and release this new code.
Until I can release the new code, I will maintain KLog as it is, trying not to add new feature, fixing bugs and that kind of things… and this is the reason for this bug fixing 0.6.0 release.

So, after my excuses for a long time without releasing, … here is the data of this new release:

Download KLog 0.6.0 from:

The Debian package will be uploaded to the Debian servers during the following days.

This releases has the following Changelog:

January-2013 0.6.0

  • Bug fixed: Typo “Frecuency” changed to “Frequency” in a tooltip. (Debian bug: #654328) (TNX Jonas Stein)
  • Bug fixed: Typo/wishlist “Numb” changed to “Number” in main table. (Debian bug: #654331) (TNX Jonas Stein)
  • Bug fixed: Typo/wishlist “UTC” changed to “Time” in main table. (Debian bug: #654331) (TNX Jonas Stein)
  • Removal of several not needed #includes.
  • Removed some warnings on compilation.
  • GUI improved: The information boxes are now independant from the top right tab widget to improve usability.
  • GUI updated: Disabled the Setup tab of Hamlib until hamlib is properly working.

KLog is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Serbian, Galician and Swedish.

Thanks for your help and I hope you find KLog useful.

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