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Bug workaround: KLog 0.5.3 crashes if not cty.dat file is found

KA6MAL has warned me about a bug that causes KLog to crash if no cty.dat file is found.

I have filled a bugreport in the bug report system of KLog but, until I release KLog 0.5.4, another bug fix release, I wanted to publish a workaround solution for this bug.

I hope I have time to find the bug and code a fix.

Just download the cty.dat file in your ~/.klog folder/directory and everything will work.

This is an important bug because, as KA6MAL told me affects specially to casual KLog users… that may not know about KLog and the cty.dat file.

Experienced KLog users may not notice anything as the usual thing is that they have an updated cty.dat file. Users having the cty.dat file will not be affected.

For those of you that do know what is ct.dat file… This file provides the country information for KLog.

KLog 0.5.2 and KLog 0.5.3

During the last weekend I released KLog 0.5.2 and KLog 0.5.3.

Do you think that there is no reason for two releases during the same weekend?

Release early, release often isn’t it enough?

Well, I released KLog 0.5.2 on Friday night with the following Changelog:

February-2010 - 0.5.2
- Fixed a bug that causes a crash when connectiong to DXCluster. (bug #016653)
- Added a very basic Satellite support.
- Removed the Freq LCD and added two new editable widgets: Freq TX and Freq RX. (bug #016609)
- Added again the entity count of /M stations.

The main thing of 0.5.2 is the correction of a bug that caused KLog to crash when special strings arrived from the DXCluster.

Just some hours after 0.5.2, I released KLog 0.5.3 with the following Changelog:

February-2010 0.5.3
- Fixed a bug that caused modified QSO not being updated.
- Fixed a bug in the way the band & mode combobox managed the data.

The reason for that was that I discovered another bug in the modifying procedure of KLog that may cause QSO not to be properly updated.

Anyway, I also updated the Debian package of KLog.

The next steps for KLog includes:

Download KLog from any of these URL:

I am thinking about porting KLog to Windows in order to be able to reach to more users and maybe attract more developers to add more features and accelerate the KLog’s development.

Do you want to help KLog?

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