KLog 0.4.7: New release

Some days ago I was working on KLog 0.4.7 and today I have released it.

All the changes are (obviously) in the Changelog. There are some bugfixes as always but the main point is the addition of a feature to import cabrillo logfiles. Those files come from the main contest software and the support of this format (only importing) have been requested by many users.

I also worked to improve the ADIF support as I told you.

Now it is time for testing. This release may have bugs, the cabrillo import tool may have bugs… I have only tested with the logs of the last CQ WPX SSB but it worked 100% 🙂

That’s all, enjoy the last KLog release and report all the bugs you find and features you miss.

Direct link to KLog 0.4.7.


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