KLog 0.5.8 released

I am  happy to announce that the release of 0.5.8 version of KLog is available.

Download KLog 0.5.8 from: https://jaime.robles.es/download/klog-0.5.8.tar.gz

or from the new site of KLog in Savannah :

The Debian package will be uploaded to the Debian servers during the following days.

This releases has the following Changelog:

December-2011 0.5.8

  •   Bug fixed: Right button in the search result did not “sent” the QSL card.
  •   Bug fixed: Closing the window did not ask to save data before exit. (TNX EA7HEG).
  •   Bug fixed: Beam was not properly calculated. (TNX DL6FBS).
  •   Bug fixed: Minor problem of APP_KLOG_NUMBER ADIF header fixed.
  •   Bug fixed: When modifying, some fields did not accepted empty fields (deleting). (TNX VK4JAZ).
  •   GUI updated: Remove the map tab in the main GUI as it is still not implemented.
  •   GUI updated: Ordered the tab-switching to make it more usable. (TNX Cedric).
  •  Added the support for QRP. Power has two decimals. (TNX VK4JAZ).

KLog is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Serbian, Galician and Swedish.

Please remember that KLog has moved from Berlios to Savannah due to the closure of Berlios as I announced on September 2011[3].

That means that:
The new secondary webpage is https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/klog/

The mailing lists have been moved to Savannah. Please subscribe to the new mailing lists:

As before, the main language of the mailing lists is English.

Thanks for your help and I hope you find KLog useful.

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