Rewritting KLog for KDE4

I have been trying to port KLog from Qt3 to Qt4 without success for several months. Obviously I have not time to code everyday nor even every week or month, however I have spent lot of time searching for docs, playing with some tools and doing several tests.

Qt and KDE tools and tutorials are not good or clear enough for a non expert coder as I am. I don’t think that KLog is a complex application so, migrating a simple app, should be an easy task but it isn’t. 🙁

I am doing it just for fun and sometimes there is not fun at all. Having to rework all your software because a library update is not fun.

As KLog is a logbook for hamradio operators it is focused in lists of data: QSO, QSL, DXCC and other awards status.
I think I will have to rewrite lots of code: QListview, QListviewItems, QSocket and all the Q3Support related.

I am trying to port KLog although many times I think that a full rewritting would be the best solution.
I don’t want to orphan KLog! 🙂

I hope Qt4 provides lots of benefits because until now they are just giving work!

I will really thank any help with the KDE4/Qt4 port so, if you have some experience with the topic, the users of KLog and myself will appreciate your help or suggestions.

At least free software developing is not such a hard job, specially during summer. 😉

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