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Translations needed for KLog 0.5.0

The following text comes from an email sent to the KLog’s mailing lists to ask for help to translate KLog.

Good afternoon,

During last summer I started the migration of KLog to the new Qt4.[1]

It is not being easy but I have received a VERY valuable help of Andrew, who joined the KLog’s development team and we changed some things of the development mode of KLog[2].

Anyway, KLog 0.5.0 is not far from be ready for distribution and I am writting this email to request your help with the translation of KLog.

You will be able to find the PO/POT files in the SVN server of KLog[3].

If you have some spare time and you want to help KLog a lot of users will thank you.

I still don’t have a final date for KLog… I want to close some bugs[4] before releasing the QT port of KLog although I think I will not close all bugs before releasing, just the most “criticals” and any bug that may cause data loss or data corruption.

You can download KLog from the SVN and start testing it. I will be happy to receive all your comments.

Thank you very much for your help.


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