Klog 0.5.0 on the way

Some days ago I was writting about the Qt4/KDE4 porting process of KLog.

I was having problema since a lot of things changes in the QT4/KDE4 API.

I had to fight against lots of compilation errors and warnings, I had problems to call the KLog and Setup classes so they were properly shown to the user.

I asked for help to the KDE-DEVEL-ES list where I received all the possible help.

Andrew joined the KLog’s team, now we are two people coding.

We are using an SVN server in Savannah to manage the code, we have opened two new mailing lists, one for developers and another one for the SVN anounces… We have started to use the bug tracking system of Savannah…

So, KLog is in good shape. It is still not ready for a new release but we are working and it will be ready soon.

You can download the unstable code from the SVN and see what it looks like and help us.

Anyway, this post is just to say that we will be using KLog. 0.5.0 soon.

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