AO-73 satelllite Telemetry

Today I have used the latest AO-73 satellite pass to try to receive the telemetry is always broadcasting.

The equipment used today was the following:Satellite antennas

It is quite easy to receive the sounds from the space with this equipment…. I will try to receive it with less equipment and maybe a vertical antenna during next passes 🙂

The result has been quite good as I have been able to read the data from the satellite and during the pass.
Data has been updated 2-5 times, being able, for example, to see how the temperature of the power amplifier was raising from 14 to close to 17 degrees, maybe because the transverter being used by several hamradio operators that were making many QSO at the same time.

The telemetry was received around 145.935 (+- doppler effect) BPSK.

This is how the Funcube-1 dashboard looks like with my received data:

AO-73 telemetry

It’s been a really interesting experiment!

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